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I applaud the defunct brewery section and often refer to it before I visit a town to see if there is a pub worth seeing. I hope that the ‘brewery remains’ section you are starting can also be used by me in a similar fashion. For this reason the sites should be maintained up-to-date to reflect the current state of pubs and breweries.

The defunct brewery section shows photographic evidence of old brewery liveries, and also notes when these have been removed by a landlord or pub company. The photos are then usually removed. Should we not retain an archive of these so that we can see what these brewery liveries used to look like? There are thousands of photos out there that could be used for this. I have a number of photos that I have taken over the last 30 years that cannot be uploaded to the current site as the pubs no longer exhibit the old livery. History is therefore lost. We could index this archive in many ways, by location, by brewery, by date of photo for starters. I fear that the current site is going to get smaller and smaller as the pubs are “updated”.

I would apply the same logic to brewery, rather than pub,  photos. 

I presume it is not easy to upload all the old photos of pubs and breweries which exist as there is copyright on the photos, or does this expire at a certain age? However, at least members photos could be retained.

I would value discussion on such an archive, how far it should go back, and the photos that could be included in it.

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  1. Rulona says:

    I have just come upon a fabulous brewery jug from M.W.& J.A. Devenish. It has a number at the A45. It’s in great condition. Anyone have information on this? I would greatly appreciate any comments about this item.

  2. Jeff Sechiari says:

    One of our members has tried to send you the following reply but it bounced:
    Hi. If you would like information on your Devenish Brewery jug, please e-mail me at with details of the jug, including any base mark, condition, etc. Please also include a photograph if possible. I will try and offer you an appraisal and advice on where to sell it if that’s what you want to do. I have tried to contact you on the e-mail address supplied, but it has been bounced back to me.
    Cheers Mike

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