Austen’s Regent Brewery, Ramsgate

I am researching my family history, and trying to add to any information existing regarding Austen’s Regent Brewery in Ramsgate. We have a fair bit of information regarding its history, but would love to discover more photographs or labels / documents regarding the brewery. To date we have one photograph of the original Brewery building which was purchased by Fleets brewery circa 1900.

The information we do have is that the brewery started in the late 1700s in Broad Street, by 1850 the brewery moved to new premises in Belmont Street, which was called Regent Place, and for the next 70 years the building was known as the Regent Brewery. The brewery had two pubs the Golden Ball and King of Denmark but supplied many more.

Gardner’s of Ash first leased the brewery buildings and finally bought them in 1927 but concentrated brewing at Ash and the brewery site was converted into a large hall for concerts and dances before being demolished in the 1950s. The Golden Ball remained until the 1960s and the King of Denmark traded up until the 1990s when it became a Noodle Bar.

Gardner’s of Ash continued the Austen link when Claude Austen was head brewer up until the brewery was absorbed into the Whitbread/Fremlins empire and demolished.

If anyone knows anything more that would be great

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