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Museums and visitor attractions

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Posting the message from the Museum of London reminded me that Ken is compiling details of what brewery related material can be seen in museums and visitor attractions around the country

If you know of any such material that would be of interest to members do please let us know



Exploring 20th Century London

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I have just received the following and thought it would be of interest to members



—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “Deboick, Sophia” <>


I’m writing to introduce you to a resource that your members may be interested in. The Exploring 20th Century London website makes 9000 objects from the Museum of London and 19 other London heritage institutions available for the public to view. We have a number of brewery history-related photographs, artefacts and oral history recordings on the site. Please do take a look:



If this is of interest, we’d be delighted to have the website included on your links page. Also, to coincide with CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival, we will be highlighting a number of our brewing-related items on our Twitter account and Facebook group next week (see addresses below), which may be of interest to your members.

Do let me know if you would like to know more about the project. Thanks for your time, and all best wishes,


Sophia Deboick
Project Assistant, Exploring 20th Century London
Museum of London
150 London Wall
London . EC2Y 5HN

Email: sdeboick at

Twitter: @Exploring20CLdn


Radio programme downloader

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Following my recent post about  the radio programmes – Britain on the Bottle, I received the following recommendation for a piece of software and having tried it out I must say it’s excellent. It allows you to schedule the recording of radio programmes in the ‘play again’ list as though they are podcasts. I recommend giving it a go. It has certainly simplified what I have been doing in the past.

Just to suggest a very useful “radio programme downloader” called Radio Downloader



Beer tickers on TV

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

My thanks to Graham Lawley who has forwarded this :

Subject: [scoopgen] ‘Beertickers’ documentary – Saturday 21st August, 8pm

Beertickers * UK Premiere*
Saturday 21st August, 8pm
Blighty (Sky channel 534)

Over the last three decades Brian Moore has searched out, drank and recorded over 38,000 different beers. Let’s say that again. Over the years Brian Moore has sampled over 38,000 beers. He is the undisputed Champion Beerticker of Britain, and quite possibly the world.

Beerticking, or scooping as it’s also known, is where the traditions of ale drinking lie and has an unwritten and very strange set of rules (often flouted) – the tickers travel the length and breadth of the country, and some travel the world in search of new cask conditioned beers that they can drink and `tick’ before adding to their ever-growing list.

From this hobby, a community of enthusiastic and eccentric drinkers has formed and they are the basis for this brand new, UK premiere documentary.

Following Brian the Champ, Dave Unpronounceable, Mick the Tick and Gazza Prescott the film is a journey into the world of collecting and Britain ‘s national drink – real ale. As alcohol is further taxed and binge drinking dominant in the media, these passionate filmmakers explore the hobby of beerticking and its position in a far bigger context of beer history and national pride.

This is a film about obsession, identity, curiosity and tradition, and the documentary’s film is an exploration of the collector’s psyche and of Great British drinking culture – not to mention a severe test of one filmmaker’s affection for and dedication to beer.

“Breweries of Britain” map

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

To anyone who can help me.  I am looking for a copy of a “Breweries of Britain”  map that was produced by a Arthur L L Hopkin in 1952 and advertised in the “The Brewing Trade review of June 1952”.There is a copy in the Brewers Hall but they are unable to reproduce it. The one I saw was a 1976 edited version in Galbraiths Hotel in Auckland New zealand hanging on the wall.The map has the Brewers Company coat of arms at the top.I would like a copy to frame soley for personal use.I would cover any cost if I could obtain a copy .I would be most grate ful for any help.


Errol kelly

Errol kelly <>

Broom and Wade Ltd

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I have had the following query and thought I would share it via the Blog and Yahoo Group

Perhaps those amongst you with a particular passion for commercial vehicles could start up a conversation thread on the topic? I’m sure many would find it a very interesting read.


Dear Mr Sechiari,

I am researching the history of Broom and Wade Ltd, now defunct, who in their early days before they became famous for air compressors produced for several years a paraffin engined lorry.


William Whitaker Co Ltd  of The Old Brewery, Bradford had in 1909 a four year old Broom and Wade lorry that was reported giving excellent service in The Commercial Motor journal*.


I am thus wondering if there are any old brewery photos archived that may show the lorry at Whitaker’s, or even of Bentley’s.


The lorry registration no. was H1951 and we know that it initially was the demonstration vehicle of the agents Messrs T.C.Aveling Co Ltd of Birmingham.


A Broom and Wade Ltd lorry had also been entered into the RAC trials of 1907, registration no. BH018, operated by Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries Ltd , Woodlesford.


Most grateful for any advices or directions.



Peter Tozer,

Walmer,  Kent.



* I am having to revisit the British Library – Colindale to extend the reviewings of The commercial Motor journals so there may well be other references to Broom and Wade Ltd brewery vehicles.

I have no doubt that there are many other manufacturers whose vehicles were employed in breweries.


The journals commenced publication first week of March 1905 and are available at the library should any party have an interest in commercial brewery vehicles.

Beer on the Beeb – Radio 4 Britain on the Bottle

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I thought I would add this message that I posted to the Yahoo Group a couple of days ago to the Blog. The series has nowed on a few more episodes and is now half way through its run of 10 programmes but I think the first will still be online until Monday. I have found those that I have heard very interesting.

I have just noticed this series on BBC Radio 4 this week
It is available to listen to again on the iPlayer at the moment

This afternoon’s episode is:

Britain on the Bottle: Alcohol and the State
Temperance and the 1872 Licensing Act
4/10 . Mark Whitaker looks at how the temperance movement took a grip on British political life.


Worthing’s Pubs & Breweries

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I have had an email from Jimmy Hastell, the host of the excellent Worthing Pubs web site, and I thought I would copy it to the list fyi. I asked about a brewery page and he has added the beginnings of this straight away. I’m sure he would welcome any additional information or illustrations (of the sites or related advertising material) that you can provide.

Dear Sirs
I would like to offer up my small contribution to pub history on your links page.
I have been researching the history of our local pubs in Worthing Sussex and have created a web site to reflect this.
the address is:

I hope that you may find it worthy of inclusion.

Jimmy Hastell


Followed by:

Hi Jeff.
I have been looking at local breweries and decided that a start should be made so I can add information as I discover it rather than just store it somewhere as we tend to do!

Because my site is about Worthing Pubs and not wanting to mislead anyone who is looking for information on that subject I have put the brewery section in the ‘More Stuff’ menu section, which will feature all those little titbits that crop up and are worth a mention in greater detail.

Here’s a direct link

I would be interested in any branding for these breweries that I could add to the page.