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The National Archives – brewery related accessions

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I have received the following note from The National Archives.

If you follow the link to the TNA page you can see the content of the attached list, or those for previous years back to 1994 (where the first entry features us!)

Happy researching


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Sent: Tuesday, 24 August, 2010 13:39:25
Subject: Accessions to Repositories 2009 [UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Jeff Sechiari


We have now completed the Accessions to Repositories programme 2009 and this information will shortly be available on our website at In its annual ‘Accessions to Repositories’ survey The National Archives collects information from over two hundred record repositories throughout the British Isles about manuscript accessions received in the previous twelve months. This information is added to the indexes to the National Register of Archives, and it is also edited and used to produce thirty-three thematic digests which are made available through The National Archives web site and distributed for publication in a number of learned journals and newsletters.

Brewery related vehicles and steam engines

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I am trying to pull together two lists and would welcome input for these

Brewery  vehicles
I am trying to pull together a running list of vehicles in brewery liveries (I guess related industries such as Malt and Hops would be useful as well). This could be historical vehicles in museums and public or private collections, e.g. the Shepherd Neame vehicles, the Mew Langton lorry on the Isle of Wight, etc., or interesting current vehicles, e.g. the Hogs Back motorcycle. I wasn’t planning to include current fleets of the major breweries, simply because of the volume of data, but perhaps that is of interest to some?

Brewery related steam engines
I have also started a list of steam engines and would welcome entries for this – both those in breweries such as Hook Norton and Shepherd Neame, and any now in museums or other collections

All entries would be much appreciated. Once we have a reasonable list I would offer these for inclusion in the Newsletter and the web site to be built upon



Royal Arms, Union Street, Aldershot & Froyle Brewery

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

We have had a query about Aldershot – can anyone add to the information please?


Hi Jeff
Do you know anything about the Royal Arms, Union Street, Aldershot? Date 1895
My great grandparents ran it. They took in people from the theatre as lodgers.
On the 1891 census it says he was a musical agent. They lived in Aldershot a good number of years.
Her name was Emily Stovold before she married. His name was Frederick (James) Williams
I noticed that the Stovolds had something to do with Knight breweries but not sure if I got that right.





Hi Caz
I can’t see any references to Stovold in our index of brewers, I’m afraid, or a Knight connection in the Surrey / Hampshire area.


Mike, our archivist, has come up with:

Froyle Brewery, Husseys Road, Lower Froyle

In 1871 run by William S Knight 25 year old son of William Knight, of Sylvesters Farm, the owner. However by 1885 owned by Raymond Morse, so it may be a bit tenuous.

Caz then found this info about brewery cottages.$File/Lower_Froyle_Conservation_Area.pdf

Faversham Hop Festival & Talk

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Peter Tann has sent me the following note about his forthcoming talk and the Hop Festival weekend:

When we met at that very good day out in Oxford and Witney, I mentioned that I was giving a talk entitled ‘The business of hops in the 19th century’.  This is to be part of the annual Hop Festival in Faversham.  The festival itself takes place over the weekend of 4-5 September.

My talk is scheduled for Thursday 9 September at the Drill Hall, Preston Street, Faversham, starting at 7.30pm.