The National Archives – brewery related accessions

I have received the following note from The National Archives.

If you follow the link to the TNA page you can see the content of the attached list, or those for previous years back to 1994 (where the first entry features us!)

Happy researching


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From:Logiudice, Rosie” <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, 24 August, 2010 13:39:25
Subject: Accessions to Repositories 2009 [UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Jeff Sechiari


We have now completed the Accessions to Repositories programme 2009 and this information will shortly be available on our website at In its annual ‘Accessions to Repositories’ survey The National Archives collects information from over two hundred record repositories throughout the British Isles about manuscript accessions received in the previous twelve months. This information is added to the indexes to the National Register of Archives, and it is also edited and used to produce thirty-three thematic digests which are made available through The National Archives web site and distributed for publication in a number of learned journals and newsletters.

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