BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme. MALT

My thanks to Sue Bell for sending the following:

Sunday lunchtime listening was excellent today.
“Sheila Dillon investigates the role malt plays in our drinks and diet. Malt has been around for millennia and is a natural ingredient in many but many people won’t realise how ubiquitous it is. As well as being the foundation of beer and whisky, its flavour and richness makes it a favourite for uses in bakery, breakfast cereals and confectionary as well as being an important export for the country. Sheila talks to a distiller, a baker and a brewer about malt’s remarkable properties and visits a traditional maltster to find out how malt is made.”

Robin Appell at Warminster Maltings and ‘The MeanTime Brewery’ provided star turns.

The programme is to be repeated tomorrow afternoon. Monday 28th February, 16.00hrs. Radio 4. NB – There will also be a podcast available on the BBC Radio 4 web site

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