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Floating Brewery – the RN Amenity Ship Menestheus

Friday, March 18th, 2011

In Journal 52  (Jan 1988) we featured the Royal Navy Amenity Ship, Menestheus, which included the ‘Davy Jones brewery’. We also had a talk on this at one of our meetings many years ago at Gales, I recall. This was by Ken Morrison, who had been a brewer on board during its brief life

We are keen to find out more and would welcome contact from anyone with anything to add to the story of this, or similar, ventures.

BHS SHIER Conference

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

What a fantastic day, in fact couple of days, it turned out to be!

I must confess to some trepidation building up the the conference, but I thought it went very well and was extremely informative and worthwhile – all in all a thoroughly enjoyable event. I had a lot of feedback from audience members, all of which was very positive

I have a lot of thank you letters to write to so many people who made it all work so well, and who have contributed so much over such a long time, but I just wanted to circulate an immediate note of my appreciation, as an attendee, to everyone involved

I thought the mix of speakers and presentations was spot on and the very diverse audience added to the event – which had got off to such a good start with Ray’s walk and Chris’s attention to detail in his arrangements with the venue

We have lots of food for thought for going forward and need to keep up momentum. I would like to think we have a number of new contacts and relationships to develop for our mutual benefit as well.
We now need to think how to follow this up and do full justiceto our forthcoming 40th anniversary year

Thanks to everyone

BHS Journal – special Michael Jackson issue

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Our editor, Tim Holt, recently had the idea of a special edition of the Journal to celebrate the life and work of Michael Jackson. He invited the award winning author (and BHS member) Pete Brown to edit this, and found a stunning list of contributors.

The result will be launched at the Rake in Borough Market at 6pm on Sunday 27th March. We hope to meet many of you there.

For more details see the BHS web site at:

where there is an overview, list of contents and the opportunity to read the introduction

There is also a nice piece by Pete Brown on his Blog at:

Do please circulate to anyone who may be interested.

I hope to see you there