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I was asked to talk on the radio last Sunday (22 Jan) – BBC Radio Solent (not quite Radio 4, but still)

The idea was to do about 25 minutes on the breweries of the Isle of Wight. In the end I didn’t manage to say much at all about the Island’s breweries – I spent about 3 days biting my finger nails and brushing up on facts and figures, really to no avail. Still, it was an experience and we spent much of the time chatting about the BHS, so I am awaiting a flood of new members!

The programme was Bruce Parker’s Magical History Tour and was looking at the South’s pubs, breweries and vineyards – the link is should you wish to see more, or even listen for a while. As you will hear, having been called by the programme staff, we got off to a terrible start when he couldn’t hear me – presumably a button needed pressing at their end, but it wasn’t good for the nerves.

It also included an interview with Jeremy Pope (of Eldridge Pope), David Jones on Cowes pubs (he has just produced an excellent book on this topic) and Dave Goddard on Southampton’s pubs.

I don’t think I shall be giving up the day job (retirement)



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