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MORLEY & CO, Pale Ale Brewery, Baldock Stoneware Flagon

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I have seen in Bayles Auction catalogue for their sale at Nortonbury Farm, Nortonbury Lane, Letchworth SG6 1AN next Wednesday 28th November at 1.30pm that lot 54 is ” A rare stoneware flagon with narrow screw top, tap hole in the base and marked MORLEY & CO, Pale Ale Brewery, Baldock – (1898-1904).  I thought this might be of interest to collectors who are members of the BHS.  The auctioneer is Colin Bayles who can be contacted on 01763 281256  or by e-mail at:

I see in the Century of British Brewers under Baldock there is no mention of Morley & Co at the above address but Baldock Brewery Ltd is recorded as being there, having been registered in February 1898 and then having been acquired by Wells & Winch Ltd in 1904.  Whilst the dates tie up the names do not.