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The gold hand of Allied

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

We have had the following query, and reply

Hi there
I’ve been asked to investigate a pub sign (harrow area) for a pub that has now closed and the land is up for redevelopment.

I am trying to track down something about the history of it and I’m trying to track down some information about the gold hand insignia and date of 1856 on the sign.

I have attached a couple of images of it.

What we are trying to work out is whether the sign itself is from 1856 (which I feel it probably wasn’t) or if it’s the date of the brewery and the gold hand is the insignia for the brewery.

I wondered if you may be able to help please. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Best regards
Steven Gregory

Ray Anderson has replied as follows:

Dear Steve, 

The gold hand insignia and the date 1856 were associated with Ind Coope Burton Brewery Ltd of Burton-on-Trent. This was the name taken by the Burton brewery of the brewing conglomerate Allied Breweries in c. 1977. The date 1856 comes from when Ind Coope & Co., of Romford opened a second brewery in Burton. The inn sign cannot be earlier than the late 1970s. The gold hand was until the mid 1970s a red hand and the device been used by Samuel Allsopp and Sons from c. 1850. The colour was changed in the 70s because of association with the red hand of Ulster. 

Allsopp’s was another Burton brewery which joined up with Ind Coope in 1934 to form Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd, and merged with Joshua Tetley & Son of Leeds and Ansells Ltd of Birmingham in 1961 to form a company which took the name Allied Breweries in 1963. Allied sold 50% of its beer business to Carlsberg in 1993 and the rest in 1997. Carlsberg in turn sold the Burton brewery to Bass in 1998. Bass was taken over by Interbrew of Belgium in 2000 and was sold on to Coors of the USA in 2002. The old Allied and Bass breweries in Burton are still operating in Burton today to form the country’s biggest brewery complex. It is run by what is now Molson Coors.


Ray Anderson