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The Last Drop: England’s Surviving Brewery Heritage

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Reminder -only 2 weeks to go

A Day Conference at Burton-upon-Trent on Saturday 12 March 2011

Presented by the Brewery History Society and English Heritage

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Spencer’s Brewery at the Marquis of Granby, Leeds

Monday, January 12th, 2009

My wife’s late grandfather, Albert Spencer, assisted his father with the brewing at the original Marquis of Granby in Leeds. I am grateful to from which I have established that the Marquis was located at the corner of Lady Lane and St Peter’s Street (Leodis quotes its address as, variously, 56 St Peter’s Street or 56 Lady Lane) and had been rebuilt in 1897.  The brewhouse supplied the inn with its own ale, and closed in 1931. The pub closed on 9th February 1933 and, together with the brewhouse, was demolished shortly afterwards for road-widening. A new Marquis of Granby was built in Eastgate and opened the day after the old inn closed – on 10th February 1933; this was closed in 1984.

The first photo shows the Lady Lane frontage of the pub, circa 1920.

The first view is of the Lady Lane frontage of the pub, circa 1920. Leodis notes that “a large barrel is suspended above the tiled facade, while a sign surrounding the building states, the establishment to be, ‘Brewers and Whiskey Merchants, Wine and Spirit Importers and Bonders’. Products advertised include Martell’s brandy and Bass ales”.

St Peters Street

The second is the side view (St Peter’s Street) with Middleton Passage through the round arch in the terrace of house, centre of shot (23rd April 1914).

 Marquis of Granby brewhouse, Leeds

Marquis of Granby brewhouse, Leeds

Third and fourth photos are the important ones – views of the back of the pub from Middleton (or “Middleston’s”) Passage, showing the brewhouse.

 The photos are from the Leodis site and out of copyright; better quality prints can be ordered from that site, where further archive photos of this and other breweries/pubs are to be found. Hope some of you found this of interest. – Mike

Brewery buildings and historic plant

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

We are very keen to create a list on the BHS web site, similar to that for Defunct Brewery Livery, that covers any remaining brewery buildings and / or historic brewery plant in the UK.

Please post details, including the location, of ANY such buildings, or parts of buildings, or plant that you are aware of. If you have a photograph that would be an added bonus.

Many thanks