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Southwick Brewhouse

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Lynn Pearson’s latest posting on her Blog (see has some lovely images of her recent visit to Southwick

Aldershot in 1940

Saturday, January 1st, 2011 is a blog that retraces my father’s footsteps during 1940 while he was a Canadian Soldier stationed at Aldershot, England. Beginning January 1 2011, 71 years after they were written, we will be blogging his daily diary entries, verbatim.

Many, many entries that Dad wrote include stories of pubs and the enjoyment of a pint: beer, ale and cider. His range of travel was essentially between Aldershot and London; Farnham is mentioned frequently.

I’m hoping that there may some among your members who could help me understand the differences between beer, ale and cider of that time period, perhaps even what brands he may have consumed, given local brewing specialities.

Assistance will be acknowledged on the blog at time of reference. At this time, we are posting background and preliminary information once a week on the blog.

Any assistance / information would be helpful and appreciated.

Toni Heatley, for
Nova Scotia, Canada