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‘Built to Brew’ by Lynn Pearson, published by English Heritage

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
Architectural historian and BHS member, Dr Lynn Pearson, has written a stunning book which has just been published by English Heritage
This is available from the BHS book shop (please mention that you are a BHS member when ordering; see and is described by Paul Travis below –
Built to Brew s
‘Built to Brew, The history and heritage of the brewery’ has been written by Lynn Pearson, published by English Heritage this June, with a price of £25. Looking at the book is not dissimilar to the sensation of viewing a select large box of excellent chocolates – whatever you choose is full of delight, both for the chocolates and for this book – any page in the book will reveal interesting information supported by plenty of good illustrations. But to avoid flitting from one section to another go to the contents list where you will see the structure of the book – from the starting point of ‘beer’, then to early brewers (Iron Age, medieval, country-house), development of commercial breweries in the 18th, 19th & 20th centuries up to the present. Then into more detailed analysis of the brewery – the design and planning of the brewery by prominent brewery architects and their works and the insides of the brewery – the equipment for the processes. Powering the brewery looks at the various systems – manpower, wind & water, steam, gas & electricity. A couple more chapters – Burton-on-Trent, the Beer Capital deserves its heritage, growth and decline, and other buildings associated with breweries – such as offices, monuments, plaques, social facilities and finally the current brewery buildings and those that have been lost. The appendices are generous too – chapter notes, bibliography, glossary, Indexes of  breweries and locations, illustration credits.
The book structure is logical and the content is relevant and clear and interesting and well supported with good illustrations; the comments on the benefits of the brewery buildings to the environment (and their loss) are well made.
The book is not cheap financially but the overall content of the book is good value makes £25 well worthwhile.

The Ram Brewery – decommissioning and recommissioning

Friday, March 7th, 2014

John Hatch has sent the following note

The video shows brewing at Youngs, its decommissioning and then the construction of his nano brewery




Dear All

As I had plenty of video footage of the last few years at the brewery, I thought I would make a Youtube compilation, I hope you enjoy it.

The Last Drop: England’s Surviving Brewery Heritage

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Reminder -only 2 weeks to go

A Day Conference at Burton-upon-Trent on Saturday 12 March 2011

Presented by the Brewery History Society and English Heritage

See for full details, or email:

Brewery related vehicles and steam engines

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I am trying to pull together two lists and would welcome input for these

Brewery  vehicles
I am trying to pull together a running list of vehicles in brewery liveries (I guess related industries such as Malt and Hops would be useful as well). This could be historical vehicles in museums and public or private collections, e.g. the Shepherd Neame vehicles, the Mew Langton lorry on the Isle of Wight, etc., or interesting current vehicles, e.g. the Hogs Back motorcycle. I wasn’t planning to include current fleets of the major breweries, simply because of the volume of data, but perhaps that is of interest to some?

Brewery related steam engines
I have also started a list of steam engines and would welcome entries for this – both those in breweries such as Hook Norton and Shepherd Neame, and any now in museums or other collections

All entries would be much appreciated. Once we have a reasonable list I would offer these for inclusion in the Newsletter and the web site to be built upon



Brewery buildings and historic plant

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

We are very keen to create a list on the BHS web site, similar to that for Defunct Brewery Livery, that covers any remaining brewery buildings and / or historic brewery plant in the UK.

Please post details, including the location, of ANY such buildings, or parts of buildings, or plant that you are aware of. If you have a photograph that would be an added bonus.

Many thanks