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Book of the Week – the George Inn / Pete Brown

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Just heard Book of the Week on Radio 4.

It’s also on the iPlayer and as a podcast

Shakespeare’s Local – Six Centuries of History Seen through One Extraordinary Pub Episode 1 of 5

15 minutes
First broadcast:
Monday 17 December 2012

Pete Brown’s history of pubs as seen through the story of one remarkable London inn, the George in Southwark, said to be the one-time local of Chaucer, Dickens and Shakespeare.

The George Inn is one of the few remaining galleried coaching inns, and lies a few minutes’ walk from the Thames. ‘Shakespeare’s Local’ takes us on a literary pub crawl through the history of this pub, from its regulars – the watermen, merchants, actors, craftsmen, writers and coachdrivers – as well as the many incarnations of the pub itself – from lawless Southwark tavern to coaching inn, theatre pub to Victorian drinking den, unfashionable boozer to tourist attraction.

This isn’t only a history of half a century of pubs and drinking, but also a paean to the importance of the now declining pub to British society.

Today: the George’s early days as a Southwark drinking den in the lawless neighbourhood south of the City.

Reader: Tony Robinson is best-known for his portrayal of Baldrick in the Blackadder series. He also presented Channel’ 4’s TV’s Time Team, and is the author of numerous children’s books.
Author: Pete Brown , the ‘Beer drinkers’ Bill Bryson’ (TLS), was named Beer Writer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers, and is the author of three other books on pubs and brewing.
Producer: Justine Willett.

Finchcocks Oast House episode of The Restoration Man

Monday, December 10th, 2012

We have had the following note from a TV production company

A number of BHS members, including Peter Tann and Peter Darby, have helped with this


I hope you are well. Just to let you know that it has now been confirmed that the Finchcocks Oast House episode of The Restoration Man is transmitting on Thursday 27th December, 9pm on Channel 4. Do please spread the word.


Many thanks for all your help and I do hope you enjoy the programme!


Best wishes,


BHS to be mentioned on TV

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

A message from Ray Anderson. I look forward to seeing what he has to say.

I have it on good authority that a somewhat less distinguished brewing historian (than Peter Mathias, who we were talking about) will appear on TV this week. If you switch on your TV at the antisocial hour of 9.15 a.m. on Wednesday 2nd May and tune in to BBC1 you will be watching a programme called ‘Heir Hunters’. At some point in the show a familiar figure will appear rambling on about brewery history in a semi-coherent manner- with the BHS getting a mention. 



BBC : The Food Programme – The new Beer frontier

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

In the latest programme Dan Saladino finds out why America’s brewing scene is a growing influence on British beer.

This is available online, along with hundreds of others, a number of which are beer related



Pub Dig TV show

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

We have received the following message – I’m sure Rob wold love to hear from you woth any inspiraion-

Dear Jeff

I hope you don’t mind me writing again but we are hoping to make some more pub digs this summer and I am once again on the hunt for pubs steeped in archaeology.

The last series has proved a big success (and is now on Channel 5 at 8.00pm, Tuesdays).

We have found that the films worked well when the pub and the archaeology could be linked to significant events or periods of British History.

The last series looked at Roman St Albans, The Tudor Dockyards and the Spanish Armada, The civil war in Banbury and Smuggling in Sussex.

We are now keen to look at pubs that could provide a window into the following:

1)      Henry VIII and/or the Tudors and Dissolution of the Monasteries

2)      The Vikings and the Saxons

3)      The Industrial Revolution

4)      The War of the Roses

5)      The Norman Conquest

6)      The Jacobites/Judge Jefferies

7)      Scotland –ie battles between the Scots and the English/ Hadrian’s or Antonine Wall/Clan Wars/Glencoe

8)      Battles between the English and the Welsh/Offa’s Dyke

9)      Anything else!

Apologies for casting such a wide net but if you know of any pubs or experts in the field that I should be contacting about any of the above or if you know of any other pub/story that we should look at then please get back to me.

Thanks so much

Rob Neil


BHS on Radio

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

I was asked to talk on the radio last Sunday (22 Jan) – BBC Radio Solent (not quite Radio 4, but still)

The idea was to do about 25 minutes on the breweries of the Isle of Wight. In the end I didn’t manage to say much at all about the Island’s breweries – I spent about 3 days biting my finger nails and brushing up on facts and figures, really to no avail. Still, it was an experience and we spent much of the time chatting about the BHS, so I am awaiting a flood of new members!

The programme was Bruce Parker’s Magical History Tour and was looking at the South’s pubs, breweries and vineyards – the link is should you wish to see more, or even listen for a while. As you will hear, having been called by the programme staff, we got off to a terrible start when he couldn’t hear me – presumably a button needed pressing at their end, but it wasn’t good for the nerves.

It also included an interview with Jeremy Pope (of Eldridge Pope), David Jones on Cowes pubs (he has just produced an excellent book on this topic) and Dave Goddard on Southampton’s pubs.

I don’t think I shall be giving up the day job (retirement)



BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme. MALT

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

My thanks to Sue Bell for sending the following:

Sunday lunchtime listening was excellent today.
“Sheila Dillon investigates the role malt plays in our drinks and diet. Malt has been around for millennia and is a natural ingredient in many but many people won’t realise how ubiquitous it is. As well as being the foundation of beer and whisky, its flavour and richness makes it a favourite for uses in bakery, breakfast cereals and confectionary as well as being an important export for the country. Sheila talks to a distiller, a baker and a brewer about malt’s remarkable properties and visits a traditional maltster to find out how malt is made.”

Robin Appell at Warminster Maltings and ‘The MeanTime Brewery’ provided star turns.

The programme is to be repeated tomorrow afternoon. Monday 28th February, 16.00hrs. Radio 4. NB – There will also be a podcast available on the BBC Radio 4 web site

Meantime Brewery on the BBC

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The following link to a BBC item available on the web has been sent to me

The associated description is as follows:

Master brewer Alastair Hook aims to put traditionally brewed beers at the heart of our drinking culture.

He’s at the forefront of a liquid revolution.

We go behind the scenes of his micro brewery in Greenwich and look at its history.

Tim Fitzhigham also discovers how an ancient beer recipe is being given a modern twist.

Radio programme downloader

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Following my recent post about  the radio programmes – Britain on the Bottle, I received the following recommendation for a piece of software and having tried it out I must say it’s excellent. It allows you to schedule the recording of radio programmes in the ‘play again’ list as though they are podcasts. I recommend giving it a go. It has certainly simplified what I have been doing in the past.

Just to suggest a very useful “radio programme downloader” called Radio Downloader



Beer on the Beeb – Radio 4 Britain on the Bottle

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I thought I would add this message that I posted to the Yahoo Group a couple of days ago to the Blog. The series has nowed on a few more episodes and is now half way through its run of 10 programmes but I think the first will still be online until Monday. I have found those that I have heard very interesting.

I have just noticed this series on BBC Radio 4 this week
It is available to listen to again on the iPlayer at the moment

This afternoon’s episode is:

Britain on the Bottle: Alcohol and the State
Temperance and the 1872 Licensing Act
4/10 . Mark Whitaker looks at how the temperance movement took a grip on British political life.