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Pub Dig TV show

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

We have received the following message – I’m sure Rob wold love to hear from you woth any inspiraion-

Dear Jeff

I hope you don’t mind me writing again but we are hoping to make some more pub digs this summer and I am once again on the hunt for pubs steeped in archaeology.

The last series has proved a big success (and is now on Channel 5 at 8.00pm, Tuesdays).

We have found that the films worked well when the pub and the archaeology could be linked to significant events or periods of British History.

The last series looked at Roman St Albans, The Tudor Dockyards and the Spanish Armada, The civil war in Banbury and Smuggling in Sussex.

We are now keen to look at pubs that could provide a window into the following:

1)      Henry VIII and/or the Tudors and Dissolution of the Monasteries

2)      The Vikings and the Saxons

3)      The Industrial Revolution

4)      The War of the Roses

5)      The Norman Conquest

6)      The Jacobites/Judge Jefferies

7)      Scotland –ie battles between the Scots and the English/ Hadrian’s or Antonine Wall/Clan Wars/Glencoe

8)      Battles between the English and the Welsh/Offa’s Dyke

9)      Anything else!

Apologies for casting such a wide net but if you know of any pubs or experts in the field that I should be contacting about any of the above or if you know of any other pub/story that we should look at then please get back to me.

Thanks so much

Rob Neil


Beer tickers on TV

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

My thanks to Graham Lawley who has forwarded this :

Subject: [scoopgen] ‘Beertickers’ documentary – Saturday 21st August, 8pm

Beertickers * UK Premiere*
Saturday 21st August, 8pm
Blighty (Sky channel 534)

Over the last three decades Brian Moore has searched out, drank and recorded over 38,000 different beers. Let’s say that again. Over the years Brian Moore has sampled over 38,000 beers. He is the undisputed Champion Beerticker of Britain, and quite possibly the world.

Beerticking, or scooping as it’s also known, is where the traditions of ale drinking lie and has an unwritten and very strange set of rules (often flouted) – the tickers travel the length and breadth of the country, and some travel the world in search of new cask conditioned beers that they can drink and `tick’ before adding to their ever-growing list.

From this hobby, a community of enthusiastic and eccentric drinkers has formed and they are the basis for this brand new, UK premiere documentary.

Following Brian the Champ, Dave Unpronounceable, Mick the Tick and Gazza Prescott the film is a journey into the world of collecting and Britain ‘s national drink – real ale. As alcohol is further taxed and binge drinking dominant in the media, these passionate filmmakers explore the hobby of beerticking and its position in a far bigger context of beer history and national pride.

This is a film about obsession, identity, curiosity and tradition, and the documentary’s film is an exploration of the collector’s psyche and of Great British drinking culture – not to mention a severe test of one filmmaker’s affection for and dedication to beer.

Wadworth on Countryfile

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Tonight’s (17/01/10) Countryfile (BBC tv) included a visit to Wadworth in Devizes, looking at the shire horses, the cooper and the signwriter. This should be repeated later in the week and will presumably be on the iPlayer (a piece of technology beyond my very slow broadband connection)