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Thwaites sponser a Lancaster Bomber

Friday, May 16th, 2014

“BREWING giant Thwaites will play its part in military history this summer after it was announced it would sponsor a landmark flight of Canada’s only airworthy Lancaster Bomber Bomber in its flight to the UK.

The Avro Lancaster Bomber, owned by the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum, will depart from its base in Ontario on August 4, for a month-long commemorative tour.”

See the following link for the full article

Brewery related vehicles and steam engines

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I am trying to pull together two lists and would welcome input for these

Brewery  vehicles
I am trying to pull together a running list of vehicles in brewery liveries (I guess related industries such as Malt and Hops would be useful as well). This could be historical vehicles in museums and public or private collections, e.g. the Shepherd Neame vehicles, the Mew Langton lorry on the Isle of Wight, etc., or interesting current vehicles, e.g. the Hogs Back motorcycle. I wasn’t planning to include current fleets of the major breweries, simply because of the volume of data, but perhaps that is of interest to some?

Brewery related steam engines
I have also started a list of steam engines and would welcome entries for this – both those in breweries such as Hook Norton and Shepherd Neame, and any now in museums or other collections

All entries would be much appreciated. Once we have a reasonable list I would offer these for inclusion in the Newsletter and the web site to be built upon



Broom and Wade Ltd

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I have had the following query and thought I would share it via the Blog and Yahoo Group

Perhaps those amongst you with a particular passion for commercial vehicles could start up a conversation thread on the topic? I’m sure many would find it a very interesting read.


Dear Mr Sechiari,

I am researching the history of Broom and Wade Ltd, now defunct, who in their early days before they became famous for air compressors produced for several years a paraffin engined lorry.


William Whitaker Co Ltd  of The Old Brewery, Bradford had in 1909 a four year old Broom and Wade lorry that was reported giving excellent service in The Commercial Motor journal*.


I am thus wondering if there are any old brewery photos archived that may show the lorry at Whitaker’s, or even of Bentley’s.


The lorry registration no. was H1951 and we know that it initially was the demonstration vehicle of the agents Messrs T.C.Aveling Co Ltd of Birmingham.


A Broom and Wade Ltd lorry had also been entered into the RAC trials of 1907, registration no. BH018, operated by Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries Ltd , Woodlesford.


Most grateful for any advices or directions.



Peter Tozer,

Walmer,  Kent.



* I am having to revisit the British Library – Colindale to extend the reviewings of The commercial Motor journals so there may well be other references to Broom and Wade Ltd brewery vehicles.

I have no doubt that there are many other manufacturers whose vehicles were employed in breweries.


The journals commenced publication first week of March 1905 and are available at the library should any party have an interest in commercial brewery vehicles.